Social Safety Net Programme (SSNP)

Success Stories


Success story 1: Konark TV employees in Berhampur


Subhash Chandra Das, 43, of Berhampur joined Konark Television as a service technician with an initial salary of Rs. 1200 alongwith Sudershan Patra, Radha Krisna Sahu, and Ranjit Kishore Panda when the State run television company was at it’s prime in the late 70’s. They all had some qualifications and training of the electronic industry and earned around a thousand Rupees per month.

After 15 years of in Konark Television, their salaries grew to Rs. 4000 and above. Since 1997, they salaries became irregular as the company faced a financial crunch. The uncertainty continued for about three years without any signs of improvement, and led all of them to applying for the Voluntary Retirement Scheme and opted for retirement between 1999 to 2000.  The compensation they received was not very generous, but they knew that it was the last time they were receiving a block fund from their employer. 

The Social Safety Net Programme imparted training in computer hardware to all of them.  They took the training in DATAPRO from December 2000 to October 2001. After the completion of the training they joined hands and invested Rs. 35,000 each to set up a cyber café named -NETIZEN. The cyber café today is doing extremely brisk business and its partners take turns in managing it. It is a good source of additional income and allows all of them to take up other commercial activities as well.

In the near future, they plan to convert the cyber café to a training centre, They are backing up their plans with a market survey which is currently underway as this story is being written.


Success story 2: KASINATH DAS

 “Oh, yes, now you’ll find me in smiles of joy,” Kasinath Das says with a smile. He is a former employees of Baripada Spinning Mill.  Kasinath Das started his career as a tape man cum oilier in the mill in 1983 at a daily wage of Rs.36.50. It was quite good going for him , till after 17 years he found himself looking for a job yet again after opting for VRS. He had Rs.28, 500 with him, which he had received as compensation. This he knew was not enough to feed his family and hence he thought of starting something on his own. He bought a sewing machine and start doing tailoring work. As his business grew, he today has three sewing machines ad is able to earn Rs.4000 per month. What is more, he has saved Rs.10, 000 for his daughter’s marriage and has been paying back his debts and liabilities.

All this could have perhaps come naturally to Kasinath, but the Social Safety Net run by the Department of Public Enterprises has made a huge difference to him by extending its services when Kasinath was under a lot of trauma immediately after losing his job.

Initially, he was counselled and subsequently trained in tailoring. He wanted to specialize in embroidery designing as he could value add to his products with that. Today, his tailoring shop has Now a Training Instructor and proprietor of Das Institute Of Tailoring and has assisted about 30 VRS retirees getting trained in tailoring and in fact also employs a few of them when his work load is too much during the festival seasons.


Success Story 3: ALPANA ROY:

Alpana Roy had joined IPITRON Times Ltd. in 1983 as an operator at a remuneration of Rs. 2000 per month. She had received an on-the-job- training  and had the going had been smooth for her. Then all of a sudden after 15 years, she was retrenched on 25th March 1998. At that time she was working as a Production Operator, Grade-1 and was getting a remuneration of Rs. 3,300 per month. Under the retrenchment scheme, she received Rs.25,000 as compensation, Rs.35,000 as her arrear salaries, and another Rs.30,000 as gratuity. She spent half of the money to pay her debts and with the balance she bought some soft-toy material. She had always been planning to set up her new business of soft toys. However, with time she discovered that the mere making of soft toys was not enough top keep her family going.

It was at this point that she was assisted by the counsellors of the Social Safety Net and and enrolled for a ‘Beautician and Herbal Treatment Training’ on 14th September 2000, which has been very useful for her. She was trained at Angelica Eves, which is one of the leading such institutes in Bhubaneswar. After the completion of her training she immediately got a job. However, after a few months she decided to start her own beauty parlour named Nice, in a room of her house.

When business is slack she also freelances a part time beautician in a prominent beauty parlour in her locality and makes a total of about Rs. 3500 per month This has also helped her regain her social status and she is happy as an independent professional. 

Her husband who is a supervisor in a private company is quite happy about her, and finds the supplementary income quite helpful.


Success Story 4: TARIA KAK

On a Sunday Taria Kak’s chicken shop is bound to be crowded. Taria Kak had joined Kanti Sharma Pottery Industries Development, a Govt. of Orissa undertaking as a labourer in 1974. When the organization was taken over by Orissa Small Industries Corporation and renamed as K.S. Refractories Ltd. (KSR) in 1987, he was promoted as painter cum artist. In 1993, he was promoted to field assistant with a salary of Rs. 2,400/- per month. That was as far as he could get as the company closed soon after 24 years of employment.

He had not received his pay for 8 months in 1998 when the unit finally closed in December 1998.

Seven months later he got his compensation for job loss Rs. 1,30,000 (including his eight month’s salary and total PF) from which he repaid loans and also married of his daughter. With whatever was left to start out on his second innings. He had almost decided on opening a grocery shop, when he was met by the counsellors of the social safety net. He was encouraged to take up training on the integrated farming course module after completing which he started a poultry farm at his residence. To make the most out of the available resources he opened a chicken selling center in the market place. He is today earning about Rs. 2,500 per month and is able to lead a better life than during his job with KS Refractory.