Social Safety Net Programme (SSNP)

Progress of SSNP


Social Safety Net Programme (SSNP) is a part of the DFID assisted Public Enterprises Reform Programme (PERP) of the Government of Orissa. This programme provides counselling and retraining services to the voluntary retirees and retrenched employees of the Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) of the Government of Orissa for their redeployment. It also enables them to mitigate the trauma of joblessness in post-voluntary retirement period. An overview of the progress made till end of June 2002 is presented below:


Progress till end of June 2002



Individual socio-psychological and economic profile analysis of 8,760 VR employees of 45 PSEs have been carried out. Maximum number of retirees are surveyed from OSRTC (17%) followed by OTM (11%), ABS-B  & BTM (6% each) and OHPC, ABS-S & KSPIN (5% each).



8, 264 separated employees have been counselled. 5,074 of them have been counselled in-depth to identify their needs vocational guidance for skill up-gradation and to improve their chances for alternative source of earning while helping in reducing job-loss-trauma.



Training needs of 3, 618 have been identified and already 2,393 have been enrolled into 61 types of training programmes, broadly in areas of Agriculture & allied, Computer & IT enabled services, Technical and Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)/Small Business Guidance etc. 1,557 of them have completed their training and 320 are undergoing training in different areas. Another 516 have been enrolled for training programmes commencing on July and August 2002.



An estimated 1, 302 retirees, i.e 26% of those counselled in-depth have been redeployed. A few important case studies of the successfully redeployed retirees are presented below.